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Writing because nobody gave me a GPS for life. Aspiring to convey my thoughts, feelings, and perspectives on life through empathy and humor.
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She develops a routine, and she neglects creativity.
She becomes distracted by daily life, and she longs for more.
She tells herself each day:
I will sit and write.
Then, something anti-climactic happens — she doesn't.

She’s hungry for inspiration, but each day is the same.
She thinks, sits, stares, and waits.
She waits for the opportunity to pounce,
To reach for a subject that flows through her veins,
and travels effortlessly to the tip of her pen,
but every time, she leaves discouraged.
Her page blank — she is empty.

She tells herself each day:
I will sit and write…

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The civil rights movement was monumental,
but the performative actions were detrimental.
Today, white supremacy stands here with blood on it’s hands and centuries of immoralities — white people act like these are technicalities.

Wake up.
Look around.

They are tired of waiting.

Not much has changed. Black lives still matter.
The fight continues until everything shatters.
It is time to create something new.
Whiteness must recognize everything that is wrong.
Change, abolish, listen, and acknowledge how strong
the Black community has been forced to be.
The solution is grander than taking a knee. …

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As young adults,
we are expected to take ridiculous leaps of faith
hoping to land on our feet.

As if we have the world at our fingertips post-adolescence.
As if that world isn't crumbling between the crevices of our palms,
spilling between our thumbs and pointers.
As if we are respected adults all of a sudden.

If you simply try, you can achieve anything you set your mind to,”
except for systemic and structural change
because that dream is too “far-fetched.”

What is a leap of faith if it is not rooted in imagination and hope?

“It is up to…

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In 2020, I went through a serious memoir kick. Glennon Doyle’s Untamed was no exception to this trend. A girlfriend of mine had recommended it, and once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down.

Doyle has written several memoir-style books and first gained popularity with her blog Momastery. Since then, she has become one of the most successful memoir writers in the last decade reaching the New York Times bestseller list multiple times and Oprah’s Book Club.

Her work in Untamed is centered around the theme of becoming free. Learning self-love and dropping all expectations that society has built…

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The pit in her stomach continued to twist,
churn like butter without the reward,
profound grief unintentionally explored.

A part of her was gone, but remained deep inside,
she wept for the soul of another that died.

She was resilient and empathetic.
Communicating a new way did not take long,
hummingbirds visited nature’s song.

She gazed at her reflection in a trickling creek,
water caressing mossy rocks along the edge,
connecting to her surroundings felt like a pledge.

A pledge to herself, to the one that she lost,
A way to be thankful their paths had crossed.

She was present…

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A peony plant is tall.
She is powerful.
She is recognizable.
She is complex.
She is beautifully fragrant.
She comes in many colors and has many moods.
She has deeply lobed leaves and many layers.
She loves other flowers and attracts insects to her kingdom.
These creatures bring love and life and repel toxicity to protect the peony.

On the outside she is beautiful.
She radiates sensuality.
She is comfortable.
She is confident.
She knows she is special.

It is spring.
Early summer.
Once she blooms happiness spreads.
Happiness is contagious.
Happiness is alive.
She makes life worth living for those around her.
Her beauty and…

Picture Credit: author

When I reflect on the poets that have profoundly impacted my life, it is overwhelming. Poets such as Maya Angelou, Mary Oliver, Langston Hughes, Gabriela Mistral, and Pablo Neruda have inspired me endlessly, but my most recent poet of choice would be Rupi Kaur.

Kaur is an Indian-born, feminist, self-published, Canadian poet and illustrator who eloquently discusses immigration, womanhood, inequalities, discrimination, sex, shame, depression, love, loss, trauma, healing, and acceptance.

Home Body, Kaur’s most recent collection of poems, has four sections: mind, heart, rest, and awake. …

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When will they listen?
When will that man listen?
Will that man listen?

When will my approval of myself be enough for a man?
When will a man listen to me for the content of what I say instead of the message he receives from my outfit?
When will a man take me seriously instead of following the curves of my body like a map?
When will a man recognize me as intelligent before the words “beautiful” or “young”?
When will a man acknowledge sexism and rape culture as something he can fight against?
When will this be acknowledged as opposed to something that is…

Madelynn Rae

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